This is not your parent's discount store.

I grew up in a middle class family, so I'm not a stranger to shopping at discount and thrift stores.  My mom was always having to make a dollar out of fifty cents.  Discount and thrift store culture over the years has become more mainstream, and what was once frowned upon has now become trendy.  I wish it was that way when I was growing up.  I've always understood the economics of saving a buck, but it would have been so great for my parents to save money without going to school with clothes with little imperfections and stains in them.  The great thing about discount stores is finding that retro one-off item not available any longer.

In recent years major retailers have realized their market is ever-changing and they need to move through merchandise continually. What is hot now will fade tomorrow.  Ordering that mass quantity of merchandise, even the largest chains sometimes get stuck with overstock and items they need to pull off the shelf to move on to the next big thing.  In the past when this happened they would do who knows what with this product, donate it, send it off to another country or throw it away.  Retailers have gotten much smarter.  They realized this is great merchandise that they can't deal with anymore but there are outlets that they can liquidate it to and create a whole new line of smaller family owned businesses in America.  As a small family owned business like BWP Sales this is great for us because we can have items that consumers love but can no longer find and at a great price.  This is a win, win, because major merchandisers can form these relationships with the small business to rid themselves of their overstock and it creates an opportunity for the small business.  

At BWP we love to provide our customers with items that can no longer be found at major retailers.  We also love saving people money on new items.  I mentioned before I grew up in a middle class family where money was tight and often had to buy used clothes.  With this new generation of liquidation stores popping up it creates huge savings for families without having to settle for used, old merchandise at basically the same or similar costs at liquidation stores.  When setting up a store here at BWP Sales we look at that very thing.  What kind of merchandise can we acquire to save the struggling middle class family money that is basically the same merchandise they are currently buying at big box stores for almost double of what we are going to charge for the same item.  

Basically, most everything at BWP sales will save you around 50%-60%, some a little more, some a little less.  We price match major retailers and beat their price by 20% as long as they are not solely an online store and they actually have the item in stock.  We are always finding new ways to make our stores stand out.  Currently we are redoing our clothing section to make it easier for customers to shop and still save them a ton of money on clothing.  We are always looking for bigger and better deals to get certain items to pass on the savings to our customers.  Recently, we introduced our website which offers a huge selection of items to purchase and pickup or be shipped.  Be sure to check out our doggy deal top 20 section to see some spotlighted sales.  There are some great items!


Spin Master 6060470 Air Hogs Gravitor Toy  $9.99


Star Wars Grogu Plush “Child on Board” Sign +Toy  $7.79


Vaso 10 in. x 10.87 in. Tall Terracotta Clay Pot  $1.99


Women's The Rolling Stones Logo Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt  $3.38


Women's dluxe by dearfoams I Do Crew Bridal Slide Slippers - Pink XL  $4.99


(Set of 3) 16" x 20" Floral Paper Collage Framed Wall Art White - Opalhouse designed with Jungalow  $9.99


Southwire 25 ft extension cord  $9.99


ZURU Bubble Wow Paw Patrol Wow Glove-A-Bubbles Wave & Play- 8 Bubble Gloves  $5.99


Beautylove & Planet Tropical Hydration Body Wash, 16 Oz  $.99


Halloween Toddler Shark Halloween Costume Jumpsuit $5.99